Prime Time And Ekta Kapoor

Call it irony, when mobile networks have posed a connectivity trouble in this monsoon, Universe has the most powerful frequencies and connectivity reaching me now. I must confess, I had been lazy while the Universe kept yearning for a session, I hope it mends my unremitted ties with the Universe, now that I have spoken [...]



The other day I was filling a form which isn't anything to be told, imagine I'm starting a blog with these introductory lines. Just bear with me! So the idea of writing this blog came from the form. Following my date of birth and address details, there lived a column seeking my 'marital status - [...]

Write to talk

As a kid, I was fond of two things the most. Do not even make an attempt to guess what those two things could be. Why do I say that? You would not  ask me the same after I reveal what those two things were.  So,the first thing I was crazy about as a child [...]

To The Ocean That Never Sinks

Oh  majestic waters of the ocean, you fascinate me. I wish to swim till thy bottom, oh bottomless sea. Ride on thy tide, Lend thee solace in the calmest hour. But here, I stand on the shore, My reflection grows taller with the dilemma that I hold. Whom do I blame? For the fear has [...]