To The Ocean That Never Sinks

Oh  majestic waters of the ocean, you fascinate me. I wish to swim till thy bottom, oh bottomless sea. Ride on thy tide, Lend thee solace in the calmest hour. But here, I stand on the shore, My reflection grows taller with the dilemma that I hold. Whom do I blame? For the fear has [...]

The Pseudo Sherlok Effect

Life is an art film? Nah, the blockbuster commercial one running for decades at Maratha Mandir, is it? I am utterly cautious of my two indulgences(books and movies) since they last longer than  acetaminophen pill. lol It has become a regular phenomena much like the hot days  and cool nights of the desert that as [...]


I remember how for a  mere class colleague the addressal was 'classmate'. And, as I grew up to better words English could offer, I came across the word Soulmate. I find it hilarious to see this addressal phrase of  'Soulmate'.  It sounds to me as in, someone who has never been to anywhere  beyond Ludhiana, [...]